Для авторизации в аккаунт, вам необходимо восстановить пароль с помощью почты, которая была привязана к аккаунту на старом форуме. ПРОВЕРЯЙТЕ ПАПКУ СПАМ!
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Site Policy
General provisions

1.1. This site "WWW.MOTO-TRAVELS.RU" and the forum included in it is dedicated to motorcycle travel, motorcycle tourism, motorcycle trips, motorcycles and everything connected with them, as well as people who are engaged in all this or are just interested in it. The main purpose of its creation was comfortable communication and association of like-minded people who are close to the topic of motorcycle tourism.

The site is welcome

1.2. Participation in discussions on the forum, posting any useful information, photos, travel articles on any motorcycle, regardless of their brand, engine size or year of manufacture. Feel free to participate in the forum and in general in the life of the site (everyone came here once for the first time), send articles and stories describing their trips to distances even less than 50-100 km, discard complexes like this: “Here people go so far, where can I...” Everyone travels according to their abilities and desires, and here this is treated with understanding and respect.

1.3. The site administration does not make a difference between “club” and “non-club”, motorcyclists or bikers, by engine cubic capacity, motorcycle brand, place of residence, nationality, gender or any other similar sign, because we are like-minded people and that says it all...

1.4. Anyone can become a user of the site, even without a motorcycle, who has correctly registered and complies with these rules. An unregistered user cannot post any information on the site and has limited access to some sections of the site

1.5. Communication on the site is based on the principles of generally accepted morality and network etiquette. Since the administration in its actions is guided by common sense and the same principles, then on the site some things are not welcome or prohibited and will be adequately suppressed by the administration up to blocking the account.

The site does not accept:

1.6.1. Unreasonable or out of place statements on the topic “here is a Japanese, or a car is yes ...” (See paragraph 1.2)

1.6.2. Attempts to cling to words, in cases where even a child understands what was meant.

1.6.3. Creating meaningless titles and meaningless responses like: "Cool!", "Ge...", "Wow!" "ahhh!!!" and the like. The criteria for meaningfulness are known not only to administrators, but to the vast majority.

1.6.4. Placement of any information that does not carry a special semantic load, off-topic information, etc. (the so-called flood).

The site is prohibited:

1.7.1. Rudeness, rudeness towards interlocutors and clarification of personal relationships in any form (at the discretion of the administration). If you want to continue to communicate here, you must respect the opinions of other users of the site.

1.7.2. The use of obscene words, regardless of the form and to whom they were addressed. It is also undesirable to replace letters with symbols. Cleaned by the admin as it is discovered, the author runs the risk of temporarily flying into a ban.

1.7.3. Discussion of the administration (administrators and moderators) and their actions in any forums and topics.

1.7.4. Inciting (even indirectly) interclass, interethnic, political, religious or other hatred, posting information on the site that is contrary to the rules of the site, current legislation or the norms of generally accepted morality.

1.7.5. Discussion of political topics. Yes, we live in the same world, and yes, there is no hiding from this world. But there are plenty of places where you can discuss your political preferences on the Internet - discuss them there. Here, the similar will be deleted immediately, and the author will receive access restriction.

1.7.6. Any advertising or posting of information that is not related to the subject of the site is prohibited (see clause 1.1.). If the advertisement corresponds to the theme of the site, before placing it, you must contact the administrator through the "Support" form in the main menu of the site.

1.7.7. It is forbidden to discuss current MCs, MGs, MCCs or other motorcycle clubs or communities on the site, especially from a negative side. If you want to tell them something impartial, say it in person or on their website.

Placement of ads on the site:

2. Advertisements for sale and exchange in the section "Flea market"

2.1.1. Announcements are posted only by registered users. The subject of sale/exchange must correspond to the theme of the site. Small deviations from this paragraph are possible in a specific section, but the administration reserves the right to decide whether this announcement is appropriate on this site.

The advertisement must contain the following information:

The subject of sale (the most complete description, condition, shortcomings, features)
Photo of the item for sale (real, not from the Internet, for a visual assessment of the real condition)
The price of the item for sale.
Contact information in the form of: e-mail, phone, or an indication of receiving information in a personal message.
2.1.2. In advertisements for the sale of motorcycles, you must also upload a photo and make the maximum description - just a link to auto.ru is not enough.

2.1.3. Announcements about the dismantling of motorcycles are allowed upon presentation to the administration of a document confirming the legality of owning this motorcycle (ideally, a photo of the number in the documents next to the frame number)

2.1.4. Sale of used equipment, spare parts, devices for users is free. For those who want to use this forum as a trading platform for their business, the conditions are below, in section 3.

2.1.5. Discussion of the adequacy / inadequacy of the price, condition, equipment in this section is not welcome. Especially if there is no intention to buy.

3. Advertisements for sale and exchange in the section "Commercial flea market"

If the sale of equipment / spare parts / consumables for moto and tourism is your business, then our site can offer a platform with a target audience.
The conditions can be discussed by writing to the admin by mail, in a personal or in telegram

Happy communication!🤘

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